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Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University™ :

Interactive Kettlebell Training and Workouts

Train one-on-one at home or even in your office with one of the world’s leading fitness trainers… Steve Cotter. Through interactive virtual workouts, Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University™ brings you the world’s most advanced kettlebell fitness training and educational system.

Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University™ is a complete training and educational system based on years of research where you’ll also learn about superfoods and the role they play in proper nutrition, and about the science of human performance.

Regardless of your experience level – whether you’re a “regular Joe or Jane”, an elite athlete or a professional trainer, or you’ve been sitting on the couch far too long, Steve Cotter empowers you with a personalized training system that maximizes your performance and enables you to realize your true human potential and live a more fulfilled life. It’s fun, challenging, effective and affordable – it’s LIFE CHANGING.

Be Part of the Performance Equation™

Where Interactive Health & Fitness Training Meets Human Performance


Kettlebell Education

Steve shares his vast expertise with you about the effectiveness of training with kettlebells, the difference between kettlebells and dumbbells, and selecting the proper kettlebell training safety tips.


Kettlebell Exercises

Proper form and technique is very important in training with kettlebells. Steve demonstrates the proper techniques for accomplishing all the beginner, intermediate and advanced kettlebell exercises that make up the various workouts.


Choose Your Workout

You decide what you want to accomplish in your training. Whether it’s mobility, health & longevity, fat loss & muscle tone, strength & conditioning, or competition & performance, Steve has designed the perfect kettlebell workout for you.


Personal Assessment

Work one-on-one with Steve where you will be asked what level you are at in your training and what you want to accomplish which will lead you to a workout personalized just for you.


Nutrition & Health

Educate yourself about superfoods and their profound impact on your health and longevity. You have access to free superfood recipes and “how to” videos, research articles on fitness, common health conditions and diseases, and much more.

About The Kettlebell University Expert Kettlebeller Steve Cotter

About Steve Cotter

“Kettlebell Expert”

Interactive Kettlebell Training and Workouts Instructed by Steve Cotter

Kettlebell Training

Inside the Kettlebell University™ with Steve Cotter

Nutrition advice to fuel your kettlebell training and workouts


Fuel your kettlebell workouts

About Steve Cotter

Your Personal Kettlebell Instructor

Steve Cotter is a dynamic force in the world of fitness, sports conditioning, and mind-body practice. A global pioneer in kettlebell training education, Steve has personally instructed thousands of individuals and fitness professionals around the world on 6 continents and over 50 countries through his International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF), which he founded in 2008.

In spite of his busy international teaching schedule, Steve finds time to develop and oversee physical conditioning for numerous professional athletes from Major League Baseball, as well as teaching clinics for university strength and conditioning programs. Combining his expertise in Martial Arts, mobility, flexibility, and kettlebell training, Steve Cotter is a go-to source for MMA fighters, various military units and elite athletes who need to develop their bodies to their highest potential.

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  • Superfoods and nutritional information to enhance your health and longevity
  • Products and research in fitness science and human performance
  • Seminars for cholesterol, diabetes, athletic performance and more
  • Monthly fat loss challenges
  • Kettlebell and other product discounts
  • Information on new training and certification systems coming soon



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Tim Larkin

Founder of Target Focus Training and New York Times Best Selling Author

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Ruben Canao Testimonial for The Steve Cotter Kettlebell University

Ruben Canao

Kettlebell student under expert kettlebell instructor Steve Cotter

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Start Training with Steve Cotter Today!

Train yourself to get in shape, stay in shape, be happier, live longer and realize your full potential.

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